May 24, 2014


“One day you’re going to value yourself so much that you’ll forget how to say words like worthless and alone. One day you’re going to meet people who love you because you are so bright and they want only to soak in your presence like you are the sun and they’ve been in the shade for years. One day you’re going to look down at your curves and see ocean waves and wonder how you ever saw them as flaws. One day you’re going to see your straight edges as stems and your flesh as blooming flowers and you’re going to know how it feels to grow into your own skin. One day you’re going listen to someone else’s heart beat and find yourself awed by the thought that we all have a home alive in our chests that we are desperate to protect. And one day you’re going find yourself letting someone else guard your heart for you and you will not be afraid because that person knew from the beginning that they would value you like you value yourself. That person is going to understand that you are precious and to hold even a small fraction of your being is to hold a piece of the universe. You are starlight and no matter how dark the universe seems, you will always shine.”

- Sarah Smith, 
You are truly beautiful human beings

May 18, 2014

Canción de la Semana

Say my name 
And every color illuminates 
We are shining 
And we will never be afraid again

May 13, 2014

It's not really you this time, it's them.

“What men mean when they talk about their “crazy” ex-girlfriend is often that she was someone who cried a lot, or texted too often, or had an eating disorder, or wanted too much/too little sex, or generally felt anything beyond the realm of emotionally undemanding agreement. That does not make these women crazy. That makes those women human beings, who have flaws, and emotional weak spots. However, deciding that any behavior that he does not like must be insane– well, that does make a man a jerk.

And when men do this on a regular basis, remember that, if you are a woman, you are not the exception. You are not so cool and fabulous and levelheaded that they will totally get where you are coming from when you show emotions other than “pleasant agreement.”

When men say “most women are crazy, but not you, you’re so cool” the subtext is not, “I love you, be the mother to my children.” The subtext is “do not step out of line, here.” If you get close enough to the men who say things like this, eventually, you will do something that they do not find pleasant. They will decide you are crazy, because this is something they have already decided about women in general.”

Lady, You Really Aren’t “Crazy”

May 6, 2014

Get your shit straight.

She deserves better, you say. I say: You’re a goddamn coward. What she deserves is an actual person she can connect with. She deserves you, or me or the entire world; she deserves someone achingly real and honest. She deserves a human being equally raw to pursue her and love her and, perhaps, destroy her emotionally, but she deserves all that as well. She doesn’t deserve anyone’s sugary fairytale. She deserves to float freely, with you, or me, or the world, into the very depths of her own psychosynthesis. She deserves to explore the meaning of the word "intimacy", with someone beside her that will care regardless. She fucking deserves all of it. So, pluck up the courage and be with her or leave her in peace but don’t you dare "sell" her your own "inadequacy" as a lie so that, again, you manage to comfort your conscience and eventually come to feel that you love her exactly because you’re letting her go. Because, darling, that’s bullshit. That’s only your own little self-created lie laying behind a much bigger lie; it’s not even properly concealed within itself, you fucking idiot.”

- All These Things You Wish You’d Say